Test Drive Dolibarr ERP for 30 Days

Test Drive Dolibarr ERP for 30 Days Absolutely Free !!!

Ohoo Solutions is giving away an incredible offer to increase the Efficiency of your Business with Dolibarr ERP for 30 Days – Absolutely FREE!!!!

To avail this offer please send your request to dolibarr@ohoosolutions.com.au

Terms & Conditions:

The Test Drive offer is valid for companies who can redirect the subdomain “dolibarr” to the IP address – where the dolibarr ERP is hosted by Ohoo Solutions for the Test Drive Period of 30 Calendar days. To explain in detail, say for example, if the company website is http://www.yourcompany.com, then the subdomain http://dolibarr.yourcompany.com need to be redirected to the IP address where Ohoo Solutions will host the Dolibarr system for the Test Drive Period of 30 Calendar days. If the subdomain redirection is revoked in the test drive period of 30 days, then the Test Drive of the Dolibarr system access will be cancelled.

The AWS Cloud Access for Dolibarr ERP & CRM will be provided in 7 days from the date of Ohoo Solutions confirming the Test Drive offer to the companies. Ohoo Solutions’ decision is final on providing the 30 days Test Drive Access to the requesting company. Ohoo Solutions doesn’t need to provide reasons to the requesting company if the Company’s request for the Test Drive Access Offer is not accepted by Ohoo Solutions. 

The Test Drive access comes with 5 hours of Remote Implementation services and this doesn’t include Report template modification, customization of non standard features of Dolibarr and any legislation related specific setup (For example Tax setup based on the region where the company operates).

The 5 hours of Remote Implementation services can be used for setting up the system for the standard functionality offered by Dolibarr and basic training of the system for the key users. The 5 hours of consultancy will be delivered in 15 days from the day of provision of the Dolibarr system.  

The Cloud Access of the Dolibarr ERP System will be provided based on the Chart of Accounts defined by Ohoo Solutions and will not be based on the Company’s requirement. The Company can modify the Chart of Accounts after the Cloud Access of the system is provided to them. Also, the companies can use the 5 hours of implementation service hours to modify the Chart of Accounts based on their needs.

The remote services will be offered based on the working hours of the Melbourne Time zone (AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time) and the availability of our consultants. This can be considered on a Fair Basis depending on your Company’s Time zone. The calculation of the Implementation Service efforts provided to the company will be on Ohoo Solutions discretion on a Fair basis. 

Only the Companies allowing Ohoo Solutions to publish this offer, along with their company logo in Linked-In as a marketing post, can avail this test drive offer. The 30 Days Test Drive access will be provided only after Ohoo Solutions publish the Linked-In Post with their company logo detailing the provision of the Test Drive offer as part of Ohoo Solution’s Marketing Activity. And this Linked-In Post will be published in our Linked-In Page even after the Test Drive period of 30 Days. We need consent from the company to allow us to use the marketing post in Linked-In for any further marketing activities of Ohoo Solutions.

Once the Test Drive period is completed, the IP address where the Test Drive Access was hosted will not be available for sale to the companies. Also, the Database of the Test Drive ERP Access will be deleted after the Offer period of 30 days to maintain the data privacy. If required a copy of the Dolibarr ERP data can be provided to the authorized contact of the company at the end of the Offer period before the server is decommissioned. Ohoo Solutions’ decision on selecting the hardware configuration to host the test drive of Dolibarr ERP is final.

This offer is available only for a limited companies and for a limited time ONLY. So please, send your request today to dolibarr@ohoosolutions.com.au 

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